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Secondary One

Student's Name   :   Lam Yu Han

School  :  Hwa Chong Institute 

In my one and a half terms in Between The Lines, I would say that my experience was both enjoyable and enriching. My overall grades from C6 in Term 2 improved to a B4 in Term 3. Despite the short period of time spent in Between The Lines, I have learnt much not only about the English Language, but interesting characters in History. My comprehension has improved drastically with the skills taught in class. My teacher, Ms Sheena, is encouraging and teaches in a fun manner. Her lessons are interesting yet instructional, a combination I have never encountered in my 7 years of education. Before attending her lessons if lessons were fun I didn’t learn anything, and if lessons were informative, they were boring. Between The Lines changed my perception of education and tuition, and has brought a whole new experience to me.

Student's Name   :   Yuan Ting

School  :  Hua Yi Secondary

I have learnt various skills that can be applied when doing narrative comprehension and summary writing. I enjoy how the lesson is always so engaging and structured. The teachers here are extremely dedicated. The skills that they teach would be simplified and deconstructed for better understanding. My grades have improved significantly especially in essay writing. Before BTL, I scored a B in my C.A. After joining BTL, I scored an A in my recent S.A.

Student's Name   :   Clarissa Ng

School  :  Chung Cheng High School Main

Although I have only joined Between The Lines for less than a year, classes here have enabled me to see a vast improvement in my English Language. BTL lessons are always filled with interesting content that are engaging. The teacher encourages me and never fails to help me when I am faced with difficulties. Also, the teacher cares a lot about the mistakes that we make as she puts herself in our shoes in order to think from our perspective to help us tackle and solve the common mistakes that we make in different sections of the exam paper.

Joining BTL has been a joy and I have been able to learn many English techniques and skills that are necessary to excel in school and life.

Student's Name   :   Ee Herng

School  :  ACS I

I have learnt many specific skills in BTL that have enabled me to tackle difficult questions in narrative comprehension, such as metaphors and inferential questions. My expository writing has improved over time as well. I have thoroughly enjoyed the lessons at BTL because of my teacher’s interesting and engaging teaching methods. My grades have certainly improved as a result of the strategies they use. 

Student's Name   :  Cheng  Tze Yong

School  :  Hwa Chong Institute

I enjoy the engaging lessons in BTL and have seen an improvement in my summary component after using the skills taught in class.

Secondary Two

Student's Name   :   Samantha Vun

School  :  MGS

Lessons in BTL are engaging and appeal to the students, as they have hands-on activities and not just books and papers. One key skill I picked up at BTL is the ability to craft accurate points for an expository essay.

Student's Name   :   Shi Xin Pin

School  :  Assumption English

Before BTL, I was struggling to construct sentences and answer comprehension questions. Today I am more confident when I construct my sentences and have learnt to deconstruct a comprehension so I can understand the text better before I answer.

Student's Name   :   Glenn Ang

School  :  Zheng Hua Secondary 

After learning summary skills, my grades in that section improved from 7/15 to 11/15. Learning how to answer narrative comprehension questions has increased my confidence in doing so.

Student's Name   :   Eljah Chan

School  :  Edgefield Secondary 

Before BTL I was failing my English, however after just a few lessons, my results improved greatly and I passed my most recent English test.

Student's Name   :   Megan Goh

School  :  Nanyang Girls

In BTL, I have leant how to plan and develop my essay by brainstorming on the key words of the question. Acquiring comprehension-answering techniques enabled me to approach paper 2 with more confidence. I have improved in editing and summary components in school through applying the skills required for paraphrasing accurately. 

Student's Name   :   Sherman Goh

School  :  Commonwealth Secondary

I enjoy learning at BTL because they train me to think out of the box. My summary marks improved from 8 to 11 after I learnt the summary skills.

Student's Name   :   Qiu Wan Wei

School  :  Nan Hua Secondary School

My journey in BTL has been a tough yet fun one. We are under modules which allow us to master specific comprehension and composition skills. Before we start each lesson, the teacher would break down the skills. This ensures that we understand the passage. The lessons always involve discussion where we can participate fully. It is always fun and meaningful when we engage ourselves in the lesson.

Student's Name   :   Ryan

School   :  Hwa Chong Institution

"Darrell has been a real inspiration for me. For years I had a strong sense of pride in my English ability due to consistently doing well in exams. Attending his class for the first time, I came in with the mindset that I was on par if not better than him in terms of English ability. I was shocked that there was someone that is much better than me. Every piece of writing he did down to the choice of every word was amazing. All the pride that had built up in me over the years was instantly shattered. Along with it, I regained my passion for English. Darrell helped me to find back my drive to always want to improve in English. Till this day he is still constantly showing me that no matter how good you think you may be, there is always someone better. I would confidently say that without attending his class I would still be the proud but clueless "mountain tortoise" I was. Always thinking about myself as the best in English, not knowing that I was actually mediocre at best and maybe even subpar. I am really thankful to Darrell. From the bottom of my heart, I really feel indebted to him for rekindling my passion and drive for English."

Secondary Three IP

Student's Name  :  Cheng Zhi Qing

School :  Hua Yi Secondary School

At BTL, I have a lot of fun and I have met many new friends. Not only that, I have learnt many new skills in comprehension and composition. The teachers are very kind and helpful. I can approach them for anything if I have any doubts and they will always try their best to help me.

Student's Name   :   Tze Cheng

School   :   Singapore Chinese Girls School

"Darrell is a sincere and passionate teacher who has never failed to deliver both impactful and inspiring lessons. His intense and hilarious nature ensures that there is never a dull moment when he's in the room. I enjoy his lessons tremendously and look forward to everyone as he has helped me to not only improve academically but grow as a person as well."

Student's Name   :   Wu Jun Xian 

School   :   Hwa Chong Institution 

I have had a fruitful experience from my eight months with BTL. I feel that my language skills have improved significantly as a result of attending BTL lessons. Now, I am much more confident when I do comprehension and application questions. Academics aside, BTL has enabled me to forge lasting friendships with my classmates. In a nutshell, BTL has provided me with a unique experience and memories that will stay with me for a very long time.

 [AQ grade: from 1/10 to 7/10]

Student's Name   :   Clarice

School  :  CHIJ, St Theresa’s

"Darrell is a dedicated teacher who goes the extra mile to help his students. He often challenges us to think critically. More often than not, his lessons are enriched with valuable life lessons. This tuition is truly an eye-opener for me."

Secondary Three O Level

Student's Name   :   Timothy

School:    St. Andrews Secondary School

"He is a teacher who answers our questions anytime. Today, I can confidently say that my English and perspective of many things have changed for the better because of Mr Darrell Tan."

Secondary Four O Level

Student's Name  :   Sandra Chua

School  :  St Anthony's Canossian Secondary School

BTL has taught me many skills that can benefit my comprehension and composition. The teachers at BTL are very understanding and patient. They never fail to answer my questions. After joining BTL, I found it easier to tackle difficult questions using the skills they have taught me. My teacher constantly provides us with newspaper articles to keep us updated about news around the world and to also find good points we can use in our composition. BTL has helped me a lot in my English.

Student's Name  :   Denise Tan

School  :  St Margaret’s Secondary School

Thank you for being so patient with me. Thanks for meeting me before and after class to go through my extra essays. I really appreciate your dedication. You’re really funny and I enjoy laughing with you. Thank you for having faith in me and I hope you will guide me so I can achieve my A1 for English.

Thank you so much for your patience, support and guidance for our daughter, Denise. Thank you for inspiring her and giving her the confidence in English. - Parents of Denise Tan, Sec 4 O-Level

Student's Name  :  Man Wei

School  :  Hwa Chong Institution 

"Darrell consistently tries to bring GP, a subject I personally never felt too attached to, back to life. You could say 50% of the class is about life and the other 50% about GP. No, wait they're not mutually exclusive. It's 100% about GP and 100% about life. Over the past months I've learnt to read more closely and hear the voices behind texts and essay questions even - the tones, attitudes and perspectives underlying them and how they reflect and connect to a bigger, more rooted issue in society. I've learnt the skill of, in Darrell's words, "getting to the heart of the question" and it has come to the point where searching for this "heart" has subconsciously been drilled into my mind. A lot of the things we do in class bring us back to basic skills of reading and intellectual discipline rather than expanding on content. However trivial these may seem (as I had used to think), the honing of these skills have admittedly helped me see a difference in the way I understand and answer questions. My time at BTL so far has (I would like to think) opened my mind-- to GP as a subject much closer to our lives than we think, as well as to different views through the perspectives of friends that discussions in class reveal."

Junior College 1

Student's Name  :  Jing Hui

School  :  Hwa Chong Institution

"Darrell is a very passionate teacher who inspires us to get better at what we do, not just in GP but in many other aspects of life. His lessons are very interesting, offering us many fresh perspectives and useful ways to tackle this subject, and it really helps us to gain a better understanding of the subject itself - it's goals and how the skills obtained from it can even extend to our daily lives. He guides us through the fundamental yet very important mental processes essential to the subject, and to discover our own weaknesses - really tailoring the lesson to our specific needs, while also stressing the importance of self-discipline. BTL has given me a very different yet enriching learning experience, an open environment where the exchange of ideas can occur, and where the things we learn are not only limited to that of the subject but also transferable to our lives." 

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