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Student's Name: Clare Loh

Name of School: CHIJ Kellock Primary School

Clare has a great time learning English in BTL. She looks forward to every lesson and has grown to love the English language. She is able to relate the interesting stories especially the current affairs taught in the centre. I was surprised to hear her sharing with me on the stories of Nobel Peace Prize Malala and the success and hard work of Joseph Schooling achieving Singapore's first Olympic Gold medal. I can see her eyes sparkle, looking forward to her lessons in BTL. I hope she can continue to enjoy the English lessons in BTL and further strengthen her command of the English, both verbally and in writing. Special thanks to Teacher Linda who put in so much efforts in the learning materials and the sharing of the interesting current local and world affairs.

Kenny Loh, father of Clare Loh


Student's Name: Tong Le En

Name of School: Rulang Primary School

Thank you Teacher Linda for your guidance and care towards Le En. She has shown interest in her lessons and has started to read the newspapers more. Her writing has shown some improvement as compared to last year. I hope she will continue to enjoy her lessons in BTL.

Nancy, mother of Tong Le En

Student's Name: Guan Wei Lin

Name of School: Corporation Primary School

Dear Teacher Linda,

Firstly, I would like to thank you for your teaching, guidance and patience towards my little girl, Wei Lin, at BTL. Wei Lin really enjoys her learning and looks forward to BTL’s lessons every Saturday. BTL's curriculum and teaching methods have helped her gain more confidence in her English writing and comprehension. Your encouragements have inspired her interest in the English language. As a parent, I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for your efforts and guidance to all the children , you are a Great Teacher!!

Jean, mother of Guan Wei Lin

Student's Name: Esther Toh

Name of School: Shuqun Primary School

BTL curriculum introduces and excites Esther on current affairs. She would share with me enthusiastically about the inspiring stories that BTL engages her during lessons with valuable and meaningful themes that are relevant. She has started developing her own opinions and thoughts and as a parent, it is heartening to see how good values are inculcated in Esther through BTL’s rich curriculum.

Sarinah, mother of Esther Toh

Student's Name: Gerald Ang

Name of School: Pei Hwa Presybyterian Primary School

Teacher Linda has been patient and encouraging towards Gerald. Her approach has helped him to gain confidence and gradually strengthens his “muscle” to write an essay.

Helen Lew, mother of Gerald Ang

Student's Name: Kyanne Tan

Name of School: Pei Hwa Presybyterian Primary School

Not only has Kyanne’s interest in the English language spurred but her grades in school have also improved remarkably since she joined BTL. She has never expressed this extent of enthusiasm to learn the English language when she was at her previous English learning centre. She's always looking forward to the lessons and wants more of them. She said that Teacher Elaine really explains in detail and after each lesson, she would always gained something back. As a parent, I can see that Teacher Elaine is a very encouraging and passionate teacher who takes every student seriously. It's really rare to find such dedicated teachers nowadays!

Clare Ong, mother of Kyanne Tan

Student's Name: Chang Qing En

Name of School: Rulang Primary School

Qingen has had a fulfilling learning journey in BTL as follows:

1. After attending BTL Learning Centre since Jan 16, Qingen has greatly benefited from the BTL English Curriculum. The program has boosted her confidence in creative writing. She has increased her bank of vocabulary to write her essay better with more descriptive words. With this, she is also able to read more storybooks to widen her general knowledge. She used to write an essay of about 80 words with parents' assistance and coaching, but recently she is able to write up to 200 words independently. This is indeed a very encouraging achievement for her.

2. Qingen is always looking forward to attend classes at BTL. Beside the classmates and the conducive environment, Teacher Linda is a very patient and approachable teacher. She has always gone the extra mile to coach Qingen. Being an experienced teacher, she is able to identify Qingen's strengths and weaknesses to make her learning more effective rather than the monotonous drilling learning process. Besides, she constantly updates Qingen's progress on a weekly basis and especially for parents, we are very appreciative of her as we want to be supportive in our kids' learning journey. She relates to the class well and makes it interesting and fulfilling for the class in every lesson.

Thank you, Teacher Linda.

Angela, mother of Chang Qing En


Student's Name: See Sheau Rou (P3) and See Suk Dah (P5)

Name of School: Frontier Primary School

Both girls have been very motivated and have shown great enthusiasm since they started lessons in January in BTL. The girls enjoy their lessons because:

1. The passion shown by Teachers Linda and Jane have motivated my daughters to pay attention in class and generated their interest in English. Tangible results also spurred them on to improve and achieve their best. Lessons in BTL have greatly contributed in building their confidence in written and verbal communication in English.

2. The curriculum is effective as it has successfully generated interest for them to look forward weekly to attending the enrichment class.

Angelia, mother of Sheau Rou & Suk Dah

Student's Name: Grace Pang

Name of School: Methodist Girls Primary School

Teacher Linda, I'm grateful for your time & effort in briefing my husband about Grace's ability & areas for improvement in English. Grace enjoys your class very much. She finds Malala very encouraging. Appreciate your patience & guidance towards her.

Mrs Pang, mother of Grace Pang

Student's Name: Tan Guan Cong

Name of School: Pei Hwa Presybyterian Primary School

Guan Cong enjoys going for BTL lessons as Teacher Jane is very patient and committed in helping him to learn and develop his interest in the language. We have noticed positive changes in him ever since he attended BTL.

Evelyn, mother of Tan Guan Cong

Student's Name: Tan Rou An

Name of School: Shuqun Primary School

BTL's unique curriculum taps on Rou An's first-hand experiences and equips her how to express with BTL's three prong approach. Rou An is inspired by the lessons and has shown significant progress as an individual. Thank you, Teacher Jane.


Student's Name: Javier Chua

Name of school: Fu Hua Primary School

Results: Paper 3 - 47/64 to Paper 4 - SA1 55.5/64.

From one who needs close parental guidance to one who can write a composition confidently on his own.

I heard of BTL from my husband’s sister-in-law. After attending one of the workshops, I decided to put my son, Javier, for the foundations English Essentials Programme when he is in Primary 4.

When he was in lower primary, completing a piece of essay, was frustrating because of his lack of confidence. He did not know how to start the essay. I usually had to help him in his writing and as a result, he would get an earful from me.

After a few lessons, I found that Javier has improved in writing an essay as he has built up his confidence. He is now able to write on his own without any help from me a story of 1.5 pages in length. His grammar and vocabulary have also improved significantly. He has become more self-motivated when doing his homework now.

Javier really enjoys attending lessons at BTL. I find that the quality of teaching is high. Thank you to Teacher Jane Wee for helping my son feel happy to attend the classes at BTL.

Mrs Chua, mother of Javier Chua


Student's Name: Guan Liang Yu

Name of School: Corporation Primary School

Liang Yu looks forward to attending lessons at BTL. The curriculum has developed his critical and creative thinking, equipping him with the necessary skills to be a 21st-century innovator. Since joining BTL, he has developed the courage to voice his opinions more freely and has an inquiring mind, always seeking to learn more than the basic requirements. Thank you teacher Jane for being an inspiration to him!

Jean, mother of Guan Liang Yu

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Student's Name: Chew Jia Xuan

Name of School: Rulang Primary School

From an average writer to a top writer in class.

Under the guidance of Teacher Elaine, Jiaxuan's writing skills have improved considerably. During her preliminary exams, she engaged her readers with a powerful plot in her story injected with good phrases and hence scored well. She enjoys her lessons in BTL. The learning environment is different from a typical tuition class where one only does worksheets and more worksheets.

I want to thank Teacher Elaine for coaching Jiaxuan on her Oral Skills. Now she not only reads with clarity and fluency, but she also speaks with confidence in her conversations.

Manda Lee, mother of Chew Jia Xuan


Student's Name: Jacqueline Toh

Name of School: Shuqun Primary School

From a B to a high A in English.

Jacqueline looks forward to attending her weekly lessons at BTL. I have observed how the powerful curriculum has developed Jacqueline's critical thinking and empathy which are crucial in the society today. She is no longer a shy girl but is one who expresses her opinions and thoughts fluently and coherently.

Thank you, Teacher Elaine, for your encouragement and patience towards Jacqueline.

Sarinah Ng, mother of Jacqueline Toh

Student's Name: Gerald Lok

Name of school: Pei Hwa Presybyterian Primary School

My son enjoys his lessons in BTL and there is a visible improvement in his comprehension OE & composition. Teacher Elaine teaches my son with lots of patience and motivation.

Grace Khor, mother of Gerald Lok

Student's Name: Keith Ang

Name of School: South View Primary

From a C to an A

Keith has made good progress in his English under the coaching of Teacher Elaine. The interesting methods of teaching adopted by BTL has ignited his interest in learning the language. Teacher Elaine is caring and inspires Keith to work hard for better results.

Lim Meng Choo, mother of Keith Ang

Student's Name: Darryl Lee

Name of School: Westgrove Primary School

Comprehension Open Ended has always been my Archilles Heel. I am thrilled when I saw the significant improvement when I passed that section with BTL's unique strategies and a dedicated teacher to explain repeatedly to me when I am in doubt.

Darryl Lee

Student's Name: Victoria Lee

Name of School: Singapore Chinese Girls School 

From an average performer in English to one of the top 5 performers in class. Thank you, Teacher Elaine!


Student's Name: Chang Shang Yu

Name of School: Rulang Primary School

I am ecstatic that Shangyu is now able to write independently. He used to hesitate whenever he has been assigned composition as homework and he would procrastinate and always waited for me to do it together with him. He has very little confidence of writing on his own. However, now, he is able to write by himself without my help at all. He can actually do all his English homework by himself, although he still needs to pay

attention to his tenses and spelling. I think this is the greatest milestone he has achieved so far and both my husband and I are very glad to see this improvement. This is very important in his academic and career in future. A big “Thank you to Teacher Elaine”.

Angela Loh, mother of Chang Shang Yu

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