About BTL Learning Space

BETWEEN THE LINES serves as an integrated learning platform for Learners from Primary School to Junior College. Our unique methodology centres around The LINES Approach, which aims to enhance language competencies, empower critical thinking and develop emotional processing.

The LINES Approach©

The LINES Approach is a comprehensive three-prong approach to Language Education that works simultaneously to greatly enhance the cognitive, linguistic and socio-emotional competencies of Learners. Versatile and dynamic, this approach can be effectively applied across levels from primary school to junior college and across disciplines. Through the implementation of the three LINES in BTL’s English Language and General Paper programmes, Learners will be empowered to articulate their thoughts with clarity, coherence and conviction.

The Lines Approach

The Linguistics LINE
The Linguistic LINE integrates principles of the Hochman Method – a proven and successful method used in hundreds of classrooms in the United States among non-native Learners. The Linguistic LINE enables Learners to effectively put words, phrases and paragraphs together to create well-formed, logical thought. In addition to principles of the Hochman Method, The Linguistic LINE empowers Learners with the necessary language competencies to build and break down different text-types. Clarity and Coherence of expression are expected outcomes of The Linguistic LINE.

The Cognitive LINE
The Cognitive LINE comprises four essential logical elements that make up productive thinking. With an eventual mastery of these cognitive processes, students will be able to unpack information, weigh evidences, identify points of views, and be able to reason far more intellectually. The Cognitive LINE can be applied at all levels of learning to enhance critical and creative thinking.

The Socio-emotional LINE
The Socio-emotional LINE is a cutting-edge approach to systematically and tangibly implement socio-emotional learning among Learners. Learners will undergo an enquiry process to understand their emotions, the reasons behind their responses and how their lens were formed. Through the Socio-emotional LINE, Learners will take ownership of their perspectives and develop conviction on issues that matter to them – finding their personal voice. The Socio-emotional LINE aims to help Learners find conviction and confidence, while developing in them character and empathy for others.

Empowered teachers, empowering students
“I am not a teacher, but an awakener.”
– Robert Frost
With this holistic approach to language education, we want to empower a generation of Learners to strongly articulate their thoughts with clarity, coherence and conviction. Through this, we believe they will discover their potential, develop values and empathy, and find inspiration to impact society.

Student Reviews

“Engaging & Interesting“

The books chosen teach us values and the video clips keep me interested. I really like the lessons very much. Unlike other tuitions, the lessons are engaging and interesting! Thank you for improving my English and I indeed scored well for most of the components.

Tan Ee An, 12
Shuqun Primary School
“Greater Confidence“

They take the time and effort to explain the rationale behind their approach to different questions instead of simply giving us structures to follow. This gives me greater confidence during exams as I know what I am doing.

Kelvin, 16
Victoria School
“Widened My View“

Their perspectives and emphasis on the processes of tackling GP has truly helped me a lot. Aside from exam skills, their engaging classroom discussions have widened my view on many social issues and taught me to think differently.

Galen, 18
Hwa Chong Institution

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