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Between The Lines (BTL) is the only English Language center that focuses on Learning with Passion and Purpose. Its integrated approach connects the Heart and Mind of the students through the Language.

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Parents' & Students' Testimonials
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The English language comes alive when our students' Heart are engaged with their Mind. A wholly engaged student is also one who would strive for Excellence - see the BTL difference through the eyes of our students and parents.

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Our team of experienced MOE educators boasts of awards won, recognitions extended and years of teaching at various schools in Singapore.

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Our Primary School courses are designed to both build strong foundations in the English Language as well as to pave the way for advance writing components that require masterful analysis of texts and higher order thinking skills. Start your BTL journey with our Firm Foundations English Essentials Programme, complemented by our SkyScraper Creative Writing Excellence Programme for Learners of higher language competency.


Divided between Lower and Upper Secondary courses, we have a Language Arts Programme that help Learners adjust to the more advanced requirements of the Secondary School English curriculum, and two tracks for ‘O’ Level and IP students to strengthen their processing skills and sharpen their critical thinking. These curriculums ultimately prepare Secondary Learners to do well for the ‘A’ Level General Paper.

Junior College

Getting ready for the ‘A’ Level General Paper requires a course that takes into consideration the intricacies of the subject and exposes Learners to a myriad of important issues and the methods needed to analyse them astutely. Our H1 General Paper Programme prepares Learners for the challenging examination and equips them with the competencies necessary for degree courses later on.


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Student Reviews

“Engaging & Organized“

The lessons in Between The Lines are engaging and very organized. I really enjoyed the lesson where we learnt about how to show feelings in words, actions and body language. I have learnt of more ways to show feelings rather than just telling.

Lee Wei Kang, 12
Rulang Primary School
“Improved English“

My English results improved leaps and bounds after attending their class. They have inspired me to pursue my love for English through their interactive lessons and these experiences have instilled great moral values in me.

Samantha, 13
Methodist Girls' School
“Widened My View“

Their perspectives and emphasis on the processes of tackling GP has truly helped me a lot. Aside from exam skills, their engaging classroom discussions have widened my view on many social issues and taught me to think differently.

Galen, 18
Hwa Chong Institution

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